Valvoind Valvole Industriali Srl

Valvoind Srl is a company in Bagnatica, in the province of Bergamo, which has been operating successfully in the field of industrial valves for years and deals with everything related to the components of an industrial plant.

At Valvoind Srl it you can obtain supplies of components such as heat exchangers and condensate drains, injectors, degassers, and many other fundamental aspects for industrial plants such as flow switches, pressure indicators, flow meters and more.

Reliability is certainly the company’s distinctive feature, an element that has led Valvoind Srl to be considered a major player in the sector, through the specialisation in the sale of industrial valves and their thorough customer care.


The primary intent of Valvoind Srl is above all to market prestigious and top of the range brands for the components and industrial plant engineering sector in Bergamo. The careful decision of relying solely on leading companies in the sector has made Valvoind the first choice in terms of transparency, convenience and fairness.