Experience of more than 50 years, assistance to the customer in choosing the right product according to the needs of the plant, with the right quality-price balance.

Valvoind is the Italian factory specialized in the supply of mechanical devices, with headquarters in Bagnatica, in the province of Bergamo. The company’s devices are designed to measure, based on the specific needs of the customer.

The company, a leader in industrial valves, electric actuators and other mechanical devices, manufactures, distributes and sells products to the market. Valvoind’s solutions are ideal for industries that want to regulate the flow of fluids involved in a process, whether liquid or gaseous, in the best and safest way.

Industrial valves are manufactured using state-of-the-art materials such as steel, iron, brass, bronze, special alloys and plastic.
Valvoind achieves the highest standards of efficiency in production and finished product quality and reliability.


Valve manufacturers and resellers

Actuator manufacturers and resellers